The other half

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August 25 - The other half of the summer holiday starts tomorrow.

Major debriefs today even though this is only a few days off.

We're all realising summer has sort of been and gone and we've hardly realised and we're supposed to be back in proper time soon and that means things happen which we'd vaguely like to influence.

East has some serious operational plans he wants to drive forward. I like them but know they're going to take some delicate negotiation to get people to buy in. So I've told him to start planning the communication programme.

AM wants to enhance contracting arrangements in non-core areas and thinks we can win more repeat business and is throwing herself into things to take her mind off going home.

I want to keep the shareholders with us.

But most of all I want some new work - big chunky work. 

I have to spend the next few days working on that whilst appearing to enjoy theme parks.

Shouldn't be hard.

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