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September 20 - There are days when the geek in me just has to come out.

We have as a company tried to do things that give us a competitive edge. We have, under my direction massively automated the processes we use to service our customers. We radically rebuilt our databases to make sure we could really service customers and they now have access to data they need direct from that database on demand, massively saving our cost in supplying much of it to them when they never read it.

And we have invested heavily in communications to make sure we balance productivity, control and granting discretion to people to make decisions as they see fit knowing back up is always available when needed.

What's this got to do with being a geek? Only that I have been playing with iPads and related products which we are a looking at using. There's even talking of us having a client app - though I need to be convinced.

But do I like what I'm seeing? Oh yes! I have to admit I now see quite why some people have got quite so excited about these things. I am not sure I am going to want to give mine back even though it is only supposed to be a trial.

Now, can we make money from this?

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By chatman
22nd Sep 2011 13:39

Tablet PCs

I have never thought of Apple users as geeks. I would put them at the opposite end of the spectrum to Linux users, whom I would probably describe as geeks. Someone once said that Apple produces software that pats you on the head and says "there there, don't you worry your pretty little head about that; I'll make all the decisions for you". Whereas geeks favour software that allows them to adapt it for their preferences/needs.

Apple products always seem to me to be used by fashionistas and those who are unaware of the alternatives.

Do you mention the iPad as generic name for tablet computers or do you only have "i"s for the fruit-themed toy manufacturer, as it is known?

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