Wear and tear allowances

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May 1 (but posted May 2) - My life seems to involve far too many late nights at present.

It is near midnight as I write this and I am on my way home from what the promoter would called a seminar and was what I would honestly call a glorified sales pitch. Either way, it was a chance for me as a panel member to talk about what we think is important about recent changes in our sector, distribute some cards and, with just a bit of luck pick up a lead or two.

Now that's the good news.

The bad news is that things like this create wear and tear on me. I will be back home in an hour or less now, but that won't by any stretch of the imagination give me a decent night's sleep. The result is a fatigued day tomorrow and probably the day after that.

Is that worth it? I am still not sure how to evaluate these trade offs, but I do know I am looking forward to bed and that sometimes I feel too old for this sort of thing.

Mind you, that may have also been true when I was thirty.

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