What's the toughest part of your job?

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April 12 - I was interviewed by a sixth for 6th form student on student on work experience today. What, she asked,  was the hardest part of my job?

 I have to admit it only took a moment's hesitation to answer that guessing what other people were thinking was the hardest bit.

Now this girl was bright. "How do you find out?", she asked.

And I gave her my stock question - used time and time again when I need to find out what somebody really wants from a course of action they propose, which is "How will you know this plan has succeeded? What difference will we see?" Nothing gives me more insight into what a person really thinks than their answer to those questions. 

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18th Apr 2012 10:30

Being heard by other people can be fairly difficult as well, even when you are speaking clearly and directly to the point.

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