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High heels

12th May 2016
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PwC hits the headlines by forcing receptionists to wear high heels.

Having heard that PwC makes its girlies wear high heels I’m going to change my auditors today. The papers claim that this only applies to receptionists but I’m sure the firm can provide me with an audit team that fits the bill too.

Scrooge and Co might have got the numbers right but last year they sent along three rather hairy and unappealing young men and a manager who might have been female but was at least 40 and a little overweight. Frankly, when comparing them to the beauties on Strictly Come Dancing, I was very disappointed.

Thankfully, I happened to open the paper and discover that PwC is a proper firm that vets its staff in the same way that I do. I’m a little concerned that they permit heels as small as 2” but can probably live with that particularly if they are blood red stilettos.

I am hoping that they have similar guidelines on underwear? Presumably clients can request that everyone on their audit team wears black scanties. That would certainly be a clincher for me.

I also take it for granted that once I appoint my new auditors, every accountant visiting my offices will be sexy and female, kitted out in short skirts and plunging necklines.

Presumably this determination of staff selection criteria would be a significant part of the audit planning process? If so, I would also vote for taller than average blondes with very white teeth (for the avoidance of doubt not Boris Johnson though).

The pleasing thing about all of this is that when the profession thought that health and safety had gone mad, one outstanding firm of accountants has finally taken a stand demanding that their women totter around on high heels, regardless of the threat to life and limb.

I’m heading round to PwC now, to sit in reception for a few hours prior to signing up. I can tell you, I’ve never look forward to an audit so much.


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By tom123
12th May 2016 22:01

Shocking sexism, of course, by associates of PWC.

If you remove the sexism, however, then you end up with the dancing man in heels from the Moneysupermarket ad - now that would be funny.

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