A cry for help?

The Practitioner
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As usual, we are still receiving a steady stream of approaches from potential clients looking for help with 2012 SA returns.

Our usual response is to turn them down and invite them to come back to us in February. We do feel some sense of loyalty to our existing clients and staff, we don't want to create more pressure for either in January. And, in any event, do we really want new clients who start from day one being grossly behind?

We do occasionally take them on if there are extenuating circumstances, or we really want the job, but they are rare.

Not sure what to do with the latest enquiry - this prospect is looking for assistance with their "self resentment form"! Not sure if they are looking for accountancy advice or counselling. Perhaps I'll suggest they come back in February!


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By Lilac1
24th Jan 2013 11:14

if they come back in February,
They may have another self resentment form for missing the January self assessment deadline!

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