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A mixed bag today. Good news on personal allowances - from 2014 that is. And great news that the AIA limit goes up ten-fold in January (although watch out for 31 March 2013 year ends, you won't get the full £250K).

The abolition of the proposed fuel duty rise was also very welcome, although I suspect it was more likely a cynical bit of spin. My suspicion is that they never intended to follow through with it, but by leaving it on the cards they had created such a depth of public feeling that everyone is celebrating something that now isn't going to happen! Meanwhile, public sector jobs and benefits are being cut.

Dualling the A30 in Cornwall will help boost trade links down here in the South West and is well overdue, and it sounds like we might even get decent broadband this decade!

But once again the Chancellor used the opportunity to confuse the media and the public over the tax avoidance/evasion issue. We have recently seen a high profile company being lambasted for using brought forward trading losses. How long before the Government starts to target low earners for using their personal allowances to avoid paying tax?

George, all we want is a simple tax system that can be applied fairly to and by all. You know where the  so-called loopholes are - you either need to change the law to close them, or come out and admit that you're happy to leave them as they are. And let's have a few more measures to help the UK's very small businesses, those for whom a £25,000 AIA was more than enough. I'm not exactly looking forward to the March 2013 Budget, but I hope it makes better reading that the Autumn statement.


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05th Dec 2012 23:06

I put the TV on at lunchtime, and thought I’d tuned in to a rerun of Muppets Christmas Carol.

The Chancellor was announcing measures which have no place in a civilised society. Restricting benefit rises to 1% is a disgrace. Doesn’t he realise that 2 1/2% of not a lot is very little, 1% is derisory.  Again he is taking from the poorest in society by demonising them as “workshy” when the truth is that thanks in no small part to economic migrants, there are no jobs.  At the same time his measures to get large corporations and banks to pay their fair share were weak and will be ineffectual as usual.

We then had to suffer the intellectually challenged oaf Ed Balls pontificating as if 13 years of mismanagement by his rotten labour government had nothing to do with the deficit. The infamous note “there’s no money, we’ve spent it all” sums up 13 years of Labour rule.

HMRC are to crack down on tax evasion? That means that yet again the little guy will get screwed while the big boys get away with murder. The simple fact is that HMRC staff are not up to the task and lack the intelligence or ability to tackle big corporations. Far easier to hammer the little guy – again.

All in all, watching the performance of the government and the opposition one is drawn to the inevitable conclusion that the House of Commons is stuffed full of incompetents.


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