It's all in the numbers - so vote now

The Practitioner
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Browsing the AccountingWEB blogs it looks like the beancounters are staying true to their calling and doing everything by numbers!

We have Cloud 9, 7 steps, 5 secrets, 4 referrals - even 2 new clients (better than one I suppose - or none!). What's next? Are we going to have the 100 best something or others, a Christmas countdown or a top 10 of something? I can't wait.

How about the top 10 rock anthems to prepare tax returns by?

Or the 12 best sections of the Taxes Act?

Or how about a topical one, the 6 most useful changes introduced by the Companies Act 2006? Or the 5 nicest-looking forms in the new Companies House CA 2006 collection?

Come along - let's have your votes. In fact, just go ahead and vote for your top X of anything, let's have some fun. I'm just finalising the top 10 list of my afvourite paperclips, although I admit it's not going to look too exciting in text.......


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