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Our intrepid IT team decided that Friday was going to be the day to get the new server rack up and running. Unfortunately that meant none of the servers could actually be running while they did that. When they said that we might not have network access before 8.30am I KNEW they were being optimistic.

It turned out 10.30 was nearer the mark. Of course, our new fangled IP phone system works off the server system, so we had no phones either. All the accounts and tax returns I needed to file online had to wait.

Instead I tidied my work space -

  • put all those files away that I had forgotten why I had them in the first place.
  • consigned most of my In Tray to the bin
  • searched high and low and found the two halves of a job I needed to finish
  • emptied my confidential waste box into the shredding bin
  • cleared everything off my desk except the papers I was working on
  • sorted files and boxes so I know where everything is
  • cleared out half of my so-called "reading" pile - all the magazines and cuttings that I am manifestly NOT going to read, filed just a few for future reference

and time flew. All of a sudden I was handed a pile of telephone messages to return and my Inbox started to receive messages from clients complaining that no-one was answering our phone.

But there's noting like a good old tidy up to re-energise you and set you up for a productive day. I had lost a couple of hours of so-called "productive" time that morning, but I reckon I did more than a day's worth of good solid work in the rest of the day that more than made up. And I felt good about it too.

So the next time the network goes down, you won't hear me complaining!


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