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May Day can only mean one thing for many small practices like our's - we're about to get VERY busy.

Half a dozen new jobs arrived today, we have about six weeks of audits planned which will take most of the corporate team out of the office for long stints, plus two of them are off on study leave for the next week just to top it off!

So it's headless chicken season down here in the West Country. Thankfully our workflow system gets better each year so I think we're fairly well on top of all the statutory deadlines. Where we have to be alert is on the clients' own deadlines and expectations. Sometimes we have to tell them they are being a little unreasonable - only today I had to point out to a client that emailing me a Sage backup last Thursday afternoon was never going to be any good if they wanted accounts to take to the bank manager tomorrow (Wednesday) - i.e there was only one working day in between.

I am tempted to ask them how they spent their bank holidays - do they think we don't get them?

Obviously some people don't. I was held up in the queue at the bank last week behind a most irate elderly client who wanted to berate the manager because the branch was going to be closed on the BANK holiday. Everyone in the queue behind him was dying to yell "the clue's in the name you idiot - it's a BANK holiday!", but of course we all exercised British restraint and kept quiet.

At least the sun's shining. Of course, that means our roads and lanes are about to be clogged up with Londoners and Brummies with caravans. Ho hum!

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