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After the slow start to the month, I am amazed to find that the 2012 Tax Returns are virtually finished two days before the end of the month.

Looks like we won't be sat here at 9pm on 31st finishing off the lasts et of accounts - yes, it has happened in the past!

Final count shows we have one return that won't be filed on time - this client never files on time, we usually end up doing several years together when HMRC Debt Management finally lose patience with him. He's obviously been keeping his head down so far. There are three others on the list that we're fairly sure we're not acting for them, although I can't help feeling that one of them will be on the phone today or tomorrow to say they have tried to file their own Return and have given up, can we help? They might be lucky - but a couple of the tax team have already taken the rest of January off in lieu of overtime and weekends worked to date, so maybe they won't!

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