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Still chasing in errant tax returns - this has to be the best excuse so far!

I have been playing telephone tennis with this client for weeks:

"They're nearly ready"

"I've been away, you'll have them next week

" ... next month"


In desperation I phoned him again this week and he was quite indignant this time: "I can't possibly get the paperwork to you before Christmas - I'm in the pantomime at the X Theatre until January!"

I resisted the temptation to reply "O no you're not!"

Alas, he's not the only one, the 2012 tax return pantomime season doesn't end until 31 January 2013! 

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By shogun
21st Dec 2012 14:41

Something ought to be done as this is not fair on accountants when everybody else can spend some time with their family we have to go through this misery, which in most cases is not even our mistake. 

A client of mine has been stalling the accounts from being sent to him by playing delay tactics (tax deducted by pension company never sent to him, the pension company promised to put it in the post but never does, he will about a week to read through draft accounts blah blah blah, he will provide the figure for dividends taken in the year by next week etc etc)!!!

I have promised to myself that this is the last year we are going through this and from next year we will finish all returns by November. Good luck to me!

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