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February started out so well, the calm after the storm of tax returns in January, time to catch up on CPD, start setting the next year's targets and motivate the team for things to come.

And then we billed all the January tax work!

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I had already set aside a mental provision for credit notes to cover the expected complaints, and so far it has all been quite. Maybe it's the wet weather, or half herm holiday, or something, but the phone has been red hot today with all manner of client complaints, and most about fees - how much they are, why they can't pay them, etc.

Note to self: get paid up front for tax returns next year.

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27th Feb 2011 07:52

Sounds a bit dangerous to me.
Your comments really surprise me practitioner. You say you "already had a mental provision in mind for credit notes" - I'm confused as to why you would be expecting this?

One would expect you to have agreed fees in advance for most tax return work or possibly for this year to be last year plus a bit. What has caused all these complaints over fees?

I'd be gutted if we had to start giving credit notes out left right and centre, February is one of our lowest billing months as it is!

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27th Feb 2011 19:12

Maybe I'm a pessimist

You're right DB, I shouldn't be expecting clients to start haggling, and in reality I have only had a complaint from one client this month. We had a heavy billing month in January to cover all those last minute tax returns. Despite giving the late clients fair warning that we were going to surcharge them if we had to do their work in January, many ignored the pleas to get their stuff in early so we went ahead and billed them the extra - I was sure we'd still get a load of flak from them, but so far only one has complained! 

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