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I noticed this week that I have been a member of Aweb for 12 years (and 6 days). A lot has happened in that time, I wasn't even fully qualified then, nor had I met my wife. I now have a family, and have changed jobs three times, and visited China, India and North America on business trips.

Aweb is now a daily part of my life, along with a couple of other websites. I particularly enjoy reading all about the practice world, which I only have a very small toe in via completing two SA returns for friends.

A few years ago I decided I needed a tax qualification to go with CIMA, and have only one ATT paper left to do in May. I tried CTA, but it was too much of a leap when combined with family and not actually working in tax. 

I have also been thinking about how much, or little, my job functions have changed.Technology has moved on, but also, at the same time stayed the same. Who sends faxes any more, or even writes letters in Word?

Most noticeable is the reduction of telephone contact and it's replacement by email. 12 years ago, we had an email address for the company, which came to my computer, via dial up modem. Now, my outlook inbox forms the core of my day. Credit control is now mainly by email, with telephone calls coming in later in the process. I do think, however, that some of the chance to build relationships is lost. Often, those relationships were the key to persuading customers to pay.

Where will we be in another 12 years?

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02nd Feb 2013 09:38

12 years - wow!

I did not even know AW existed 12 years ago. I wish I did. I am sure I would have been a different person.

I only found out about AW 3 years and 2 months ago. I have not stopped since then. This is evident from my activity on AW. 

In 12 years time in my view I will still be middle aged. The key difference will be I will do my best to grow old disgracefully. Of course I will continue to whinge in my blogs!

Great blog. I would like to



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