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BOMs dropping

14th May 2016
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Sometimes, I think you just have to 'go for it' and see what happens. So it is with my plan to introduce the use of Bills of Material in Sage 200 for our chemical mixing product line.

Initially I was thinking of simulating what we do using MS Access, and then somehow kind of compare the results to my actual month end stock takes etc. Some kind of parallel run if you like.

However, modelling what happens proved even more complex than I thought - and my ODBC lookups in to the Sage tables got really fiddly.

So I decided to use the 'live' system and get everything set up.

I have the formulations for each product, so there was just a lot of data entry to do. I think you can import BOM records in to Sage 200, but I am not sure what format they need to be in.

All the BOMS are now entered (about 50 of them), and I have started to enter the build tickets. These are quite simple, namely a batch number, product, and quantity made.

Sage 200 seems to be doing the right thing - raw material stocks are being reduced and finished goods increased.

I did need to permit negative stocks in the system to allow everything to work.

We have added product sales in as well, so we are now in a period of live usage.

I expect it to take a couple of months to start seeing data from the system we can start to sense check.

Time will tell.


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