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Christmas is coming

5th Nov 2016
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There is a good post on my Facebook feed - a picture of jolly santa, with the caption "Calm down you little bastards - it's only November".

We have just had halloween - which is now the second biggest 'event' in the retailers calendar. According to news yesterday this has enabled Morrisons to report growth in like for like sales single handedly.

So now the Christmas juggernaut is getting up to speed. I have even seen internet posts asking when the John Lewis advert is coming out - this is now a 'thing'.

I am not anti-Christmas - but have just decided to do things a bit differently this year. We are having lasagne on Christmas day, and I have asked for no presents myself. Obviously giving to others will continue.

Together with deciding not to watch X-Factor, or the Apprentice this year, this is part of my plan to take some of the stress out of modern living.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
07th Nov 2016 14:32

Ha Ha Tom Meldrew.

I must admit I am not a fan of Xmas talk until we hit December but it seems everywhere is flooded with it now that Halloween has gone.

My daughter is 10 now so gets a few big presents like Ipads and Phones instead of the mountain of toys she used to get when she was younger most of which were given away to charity shops by Easter.

Overall I quite like the Xmas break and fully intend to take a good 10 days or so off this year.

You would get lynched in my house for serving a lasagne anything less than a turkey with full supporting cast of pigs in blankets and stuffing etc would be met with violence.

Not watching X factor might have some legs though.

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