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First half marathon - feeling chuffed

25th Sep 2016
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A while back, there was an Aweb Any Answers post about what accounting adds to society. I can't remember who started the thread, but just recall the posting.

Today (at the age of 44 for a few more weeks) a friend and I ran our first half marathon. I managed to get some sponsorship for the charity of which I am a trustee - so I was quite pleased about that.

Now, we were classic 'last to be picked' types at school sports.

I am stiffening up now, and don't know how driving will go tomorrow - but still feel chuffed today.

I really recommend taking on a challenge that takes you out of your comfort zone - especially if you can shoe horn it in to what is probably a busy, but maybe sometimes a bit humdrum, life.

You won't regret it.


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By Chipette
25th Sep 2016 21:10

Well done! I ran a half marathon a couple of years ago and although I enjoyed the experience on the day it was a tough challenge! I promised myself to run another one but work, family commitments and studies got in the way.
Your post has reminded me how good it felt to reach the finish line!

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By FirstTab
26th Sep 2016 08:15

Well done Tom!

I agree with your point about the importance of getting out of one's comfort zone.

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By Robert Lovell
26th Sep 2016 15:52

Congratulations Tom! I did the Bristol one yesterday and feeling pretty achy today. How did you get on? Will you be doing it again?

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Replying to robertlovell:
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By tom123
26th Sep 2016 16:47

My friend (and co-runner) is talking about another in April, so never say never.

One thing is sure - no plans to ever try a 'full' one.

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
27th Sep 2016 22:02

Well done Tom. Keep up with the running! The good thing with half marathons is that there are quite a few to choose from.

I've got the Royal Parks Half in a couple of weeks time, which should be fun.

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By tom123
28th Sep 2016 19:10

You've got to admire the organisers. Today I got an email linking to photographs and even video of me crossing the finishing line.

I had a quick laugh at them, but won't be buying them for posterity!

I didn't even know they were being taken - the cameras must have been built in to the finishing posts.

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By A mum and an accountant
30th Sep 2016 06:26

Congratulations! That's really impressive. I've only ever managed 5k a long time ago, half marathon is really good.

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