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Having an IT day

6th Feb 2016
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It is what we call in our house a 'tea and biscuits day' - with rain coming down in sheets.

I am having a bit of an IT day - so far I have - 

Fixed our inkjet printer. The cartridge was jamming, but I found a Youtube video and copied it. Confession - I do have a couple of small bits of plastic left over - but the printer seems to work.

Run backups on the desktop and two laptops.

Downloaded a version of Linux on to a USB key - I want to have a look at Linux, just as an alternative to Windows. Purely for recreational use, rather than work, I think.

Filed my first tax return using Tax Filer - how much nicer than the HMRC thing I struggle with for the other four that I did.

I really need to think about moving from our existing home desktop to a new one. Ideally I want to do that before the existing Dell dies - it is probably at least eight years old, so that's about 100 in computer years.

I have also download Thunderbird, following an Aweb answer thread on email software. What I like is that I can view emails from all the accounts we have in the house (about six, I reckon, as we have two adults, two companies, and a pair of gmail accounts for good measure.

I have also used the Payroo payroll software for the first time.

I have also run Spybot Search and destroy to get rid of any malware.

Tomorrow we are off to the Spring Fair at the NEC. This is a huge trade fair for the retail trade. We exhibited there last year for my wife's greetings card business. This year we are just going as visitors.

All in all, a busy weekend.


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