Leap Year Day - good or bad for the economy

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A quick question  - Leap year day (ie Feb 29th) - is it good or bad for the economy?

Personally, I am on a salary - so this is the day I work for 'free' - but still have the same costs of running a day of my life. My mortgage interest is technically more this year, and I need to travel to work and eat.

So does that extrapolate into more GDP or less?

I expect the economists have thought of how to deal with this, but I have never really thought about this before.

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By Old Greying Accountant
29th Feb 2016 13:42

Extra days pay ...

... for weekly paid, monthly paid working for free - so swings and roundabouts, probably just edging on good!

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29th Feb 2016 10:28

Depends how you look at it

Today is a Monday, why would it make a difference to the economy if it is called 29th February or 1st March?

Working for free - are you working for free, or are you overpaid as there are less than 31 days in the month, or are you overpaid for each non leap year?

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By mwngiol
29th Feb 2016 13:15


I think an online petition is called for, to get an extra bank holiday in leap years. Maybe call it a leaping day, help combat obesity.

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By Old Greying Accountant
29th Feb 2016 13:56

Personally ...

... I think we should switch to a 13 month system of 28 day months.

The odd day should be called turn day and have no other designation and should reside between the old and new years, for leap years we should have a mid year bank holiday half way through the year for the leap day - as G&S said, why would you want an extra day in such a beastly month as February.

Can't remember where I got the idea, may be Pratchett, but not mine!

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By Cloudcounter
29th Feb 2016 21:27

Working an extra day

You are not working an extra day at all.

If this wasn't a leap year today would be March 1st.  That would mean that December 31st would fall on a Friday and you'd have to work it.  As it happens, it falls on a Saturday because of the leap year and you probably don't have to work it.

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