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Office technology

28th Feb 2016
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Ever since starting in my current role, I have been plagued by people trying to sell me various bits of equipment. Typically this consists of the fixed line office telephone network (which is as old as the hills), the mobile phone contract, and the photocopier contract.

I was interested to see how many readers my Any Answers question on franking machines got - this is another area where we seem to get a lot of calls.

As it happens, the franking machine is now sorted. We found an independent supplier, and start a new contract in March. There is an element of paying for the convenience of usage - but we are happy with that.

I am now looking at the telephone system. I am expecting about three more quotes in. It looks like we might be suited to an on premise system, as we have now, but based around VOIP (voice over internet) rather than the current ISDN system.

ISDN is quite expensive, and we can make some decent savings.

The problem that I have is that if the new system gives any quality issues it will be my fault - hence quite a big decision to take.

We will appreciate the big improvement in features on the desk hardware though; at present we don't have voicemail, and don't use direct lines.

It will be interesting to see the variety in the quotes that I get.


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By ShirleyM
29th Feb 2016 20:11

It sounds a bit more interesting than my daily sales emails

Every day I get emails to my 'personal' business email (which does not appear anywhere on the 'net) that are nothing to do with accountancy or tax: 

Health cover

Funeral plans

Equity release

Where do they get their info? They must know my age, but who is selling it to them?

Talking about it has just given me an idea ... I can create a rule to send them straight to the deleted folder.

I am reluctant to use unsubscribe as that just confirms they have contacted a genuine email address and I still get the emails even after unsubscribing.


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