Planes, Trains, Automobiles

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It's been quite a roller coaster in the UK these past few weeks, news wise, and isn't looking to be calming down soon. Personally, I am getting a bit 'over invested' in the whole news bubble.

So, it was nice to watch Trainspotting Live this evening - even though I'm not that in to trains - particularly steam ones.

Tomorrow is the Intercity 125 - which is at least my era.

I wonder, Kent Accountant, if you watched it too - given your avatar?

Recently we watched a program on planes, and I even found the secret life of the bus depot on BBC4.

So, all in all, happy times.

Now, my provisional PCV licence runs out in October - so I need to crack on with that.

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Accounting degree, CIMA qualified. Added ATT in recent years. Working in the SME sector as FC/FD. Previously worked for UK subsidiaries of Canadian and Chinese parents. (different jobs...)


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