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Pound a bunch / the Apprentice

29th May 2016
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In my 'accounting' life, I am a mere wage slave - granted that is in the SME world - so a lot of variety.

My wife runs a graphic design and gift business - so, ocassionally, my services are called upon to assist.

Tomorrow we are running a market stall at a street fair in our town. It is in a fairly exclusive area - so hopeful of plenty people with money to spend.

The weather doesn't look to bad either.

All the planning is now done, so it is just a matter of persuading lovely customers to part with money.

Unlike the Apprentice, however, there is no hot food involved - so there shouldn't be too many disasters.

I look forward to reporting success tomorrow.

Enjoy the bank holiday folks.

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By tom123
29th May 2016 20:03

(Why is it you only see spelling mistakes after posting - duh)

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