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Whilst doing some cooking this morning (I am a big slow cooker fan) I thought some music was required. I have a Roberts digital radio in the kitchen. This is a pleasing combination of the old and the new.

It is reassuringly chunky (and fairly heavy) reminding me of radios my late grandparents used to have in their kitchens. Growing up we had a similar radio in ours - this being the 70s I think it was turquoise.

However, as well as receiving FM and DAB radio, mine can also receive internet radio, and receive music from the PC - although that took a bit of setting up.

Now, it wasn't cheap (about £200) I think, when I bought it a few years ago - and it did need a repair under the guarantee - but it looks like being a fixture for many years to come.

I have access to radio stations from all over the world - but which do I play? Wave 105 from the south coast, about 100 miles from me - so I do need to apply a bit more imagination I suppose.

I should add I am not a particular techno freak - my phone is a £10 Nokia, and I don't have an iPad - maybe this is why the retro radio appeals to me.

What are your favourite things?

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11th May 2015 17:28

I love the look of retro radios, though I'm not fortunate enough to own one. 

My favourite things would be my books, my house (or life!) wouldn't be quite right without them. That's why I can't (despite loving all things tech) handle a Kindle. 

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11th May 2015 21:47

My bike is my favorite item. If it is in the workshop even for a day, I miss it. 

It is my means of transportation on most days. I am not a racer, I will leave it to other men (it is always men!) who cycle as if they are on a racecourse. 

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