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What are the skills that no-one teaches.

27th Nov 2015
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I had a particularly trying day at work today. I work in an open plan office, within a small manufacturing company. This means that I tend to passively 'absorb' all the stress from the other non finance functions.

Generally speaking, none of these problems are anything to do with my work - and hence I should be able to block them out without any issue. However, I do find this difficult. 

Sometimes I miss the bigger corporate world, where I had my own office, and even those people outside my office were only fellow finance team members.

On the whole, however, I like being more involved in the business - but maybe just not today.

(oh - and the skill I need to learn is not taking everything to heart, and learning to switch off)

Must go - wine is chilled...

Have a good weekend.


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By Alex_T
07th Dec 2015 11:30

It will get better!

I worked in a similar environment many years ago and whilst it can be difficult, you will get used to it and learn to switch off.. Good luck!

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