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Wonderful Life

26th Jan 2016
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Since university, I have followed a band / artist known as Black. The singer's name being Colin Vearncombe.

I don't know how many other Aweb users might have heard of him - but you might have heard of the most famous song "Wonderful Life"

It is one of those that regularly gets used on adverts - most recently for Premier Inn, but previously used by Cadbury and others.

Anyway, I heard just now that he died, following a car crash recently - at the age of 53.

That, coupled with a difficult news story about a young mother denying herself cancer treatment to protect her unborn child, made me realise how precious life is - and also how we spend most of it worrying about admin.

I resolve to make the best of each day, to try and do a decent job, but not yet work rule my life.

I also resolve to make future blogs exclusively accountancy related - it's just that nothing of any major import is happening in that area right now..


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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
27th Jan 2016 09:58


A lot of his music was part of the soundtrack to my Uni and post Uni days.

Takes me back...

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