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AccountingWEB’s 2019 Editorial Calendar

11th Dec 2018
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Welcome to 2019 on AccountingWEB!

For the UK’s accountants, it feels like 2019 will be the year when things move from theory to reality. Not only will we see the UK’s exit from the European Union in some shape or form, but we’ll also see the starting gun fired on the first phase of the government’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) project.

Over the past 18 months, the profession has been gearing up to get their VAT-registered clients or businesses ready for MTD for VAT but there are still many questions about the programme the government needs to answer before the system goes live to over one million businesses on 1 April.

Needless to say, throughout 2019 AccountingWEB will bring you the latest MTD news, along with a comprehensive breakdown of MTD products as part of our Software Reviews programme.

Away from MTD and Brexit, accountants in practice are currently approaching the final sprint in the 31 January self assessment deadline race, and we’ll look at any final glitches, hitches or rule changes affecting accountants.

On the technology side, we’ll examine how artificial intelligence is quietly but effectively creeping into accountants’ daily lives, review how Open Banking has changed accountancy a year after its emergence and look at what Blockchain may do for accounting's future.

Our Accounting Excellence and Software Excellence awards will also return bigger and better than ever before, with new categories, trends and winners to reveal and analyse. We’ll also discuss the latest news from the accountancy world in our No Accounting for Taste podcast.

Thanks for reading and see you on the site,

Tom Herbert, Editor, AccountingWEB (@AWebTom)

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  • Self assessment: Rejections, snags and calculation issues affecting practitioners, plus a guide to surviving SA season

  • Open Banking a year on: What difference has it made in the accounting sector?

  • Software reviews: Making Tax Digital for VAT tools

  • Forecasting: How to budget and forecast, how others do it and a look at some of the leading forecasting tools


  • Making Tax Digital for VAT: Gearing up for go-live

  • Self assessment: Getting your bills out, community victories, and what would you do differently?

  • The FD chameleon: Odd jobs that end up on the finance director’s plate (and how to deal with them)

  • Accounting Excellence Awards: Entries open on 1 February!

  • Accounting Excellence Talks: Making Tax Digital to-do list


  • Brexit: With the UK scheduled to leave the EU, what will this mean for accountants and businesses?

  • Spring Statement: Coverage of the Chancellor’s annual fiscal event

  • Year-end: Planning and business reviews and end-of-tax-year PAYE issues

  • The benefits of being an award-winning accountant

  • Accounting Excellence Talks: Making Tax Digital: Last-minute planning


  • Making Tax Digital for VAT go-live: Reports from the coal face

  • Employment law update

  • Tax and minimum wage: Does naming and shaming work?

  • Accounting Excellence Talks: Cash and credit management

  • Rebranding your firm: Common values and competencies


  • Expenses and benefits (including P11D update)

  • VAT update

  • Referral management

  • What is client onboarding, and why should your firm be focussing on it?
  • Accounting Excellence Talks: The future of accounting and tax technology


  • KPI focus

  • Blockchain: Will it make debits and credits obsolete?

  • What’s driving the second wave of firm apps?

  • Client surveys: How to run them and learn from the results


  • FD and practice skills

  • Recruitment: attract your ideal candidate

  • AI and machine learning: Creeping quietly into accountants’ lives

  • The second wave of outsourcing
  • Accounting Excellence Talks: Understanding data for accountants 101


  • Salary, review and bonus benchmarking

  • Time management

  • Fintech focus: Aside from making business loans slightly more accessible, what can fintech offer the profession?

  • Content and digital marketing is back: How to make your firm stand out in a crowded market


  • Workflow management

  • Expense management

  • The Accounting Excellence awards: Winners and trends


  • Budgeting and planning: Finance director spotlight

  • Employment law update

  • Property tax rundown

  • Benchmarking: How to aggregate business data, and how to tell clients


  • Budget 2019

  • Payments special

  • Accounting Excellence case studies

  • What’s behind the outsourced payroll surge?


  • Finance Bill draft clauses

  • Community awards and end of year review

  • Countdown to self assessment

  • Wellbeing

If you're an accountant or vendor with something to contribute to the editorial team on any of these areas, get in touch via the 'contact us' page.