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As I’ve now posted a couple of pieces on the site I thought it would be polite to introduce myself. I’m Tom Herbert, AccountingWEB’s new business correspondent, and my brief is to track down the best business news and opinions and bring them to the accounting community.

From looking around the site, meeting with the AccountingWEB team and talking to members it’s obvious that we are blessed with a knowledgeable, friendly and passionate community.

Although I am from two generations of accountants I won’t pretend to be anything other than a journalist, and one who is relatively new to the industry. Therefore I’d be delighted to receive any comments via PM or Twitter (@AWebTom) about the site’s business content and what sort of topics you’d like us to cover in the future. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the site, discussing all things accounting and learning all I can.

Before AccountingWEB came into my life I spent five fascinating years living and working in China as an editor and travel writer, five happy years working in the UK on a variety of websites, magazines and newspapers, and one not-so-happy year teaching English. You live and learn.

My career has also seen its fair share of strange incidents. During my time in the Far East I found myself sat in a park on the outskirts of Chengdu having my inner ear massaged intently with an object that resembled a giant metal cotton bud, while a large crowd gathered around to comment on the procedure. I hasten to add that this was for a series of articles I was writing for a local magazine on traditional Chinese treatments, and my boss had dispatched me to research the art of ear massage.

Have any of AccountingWEB’s members found themselves in equally bizarre (although hopefully not as uncomfortable) situations while on the clock?

About Tom Herbert

Tom is editor at AccountingWEB, responsible for all editorial content on the site. If you have a story that might interest us or wish to comment on the site's coverage get in touch via the site's private message function or Twitter DM (@AWebTom)


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11th Sep 2015 11:07

Nice post

Welcome to Aweb Tom from an old face to a new! :) 

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11th Sep 2015 11:32

Thanks Rachael

Big shoes to fill but looking forward to the challenge :-)

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By tom123
12th Sep 2015 19:46

Welcome to the site

Looking forward to all the news.

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12th Sep 2015 20:14

Thanks Tom

Much appreciated, have a good weekend.

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