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Top Questions From Accountants About PaperLess - Q1

19th Oct 2011
Business Development Executive PaperLess Europe Limited
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We often get asked the same questions by Accountants when they are discussing how they can change to a PaperLess system for their Accountancy Practice.

During our series of Webinars for Accountants running between October 2011 and December 2011, the same type of questions have also arisen so here is the first of the most common questions, and the answer.

Does Scanning Take Longer ?

In general we advise our clients to scan documents as soon as they arrive and archive the document "at the door". In this way documents are electronic from the start, and if you ever need the original they are easy to locate.

There are a host of tips we can give you about processing documents quickly, including scanning tips. For instance, avoid carefully removing staples in the top left corner of some paperwork. Instead just cut off the corner and scan the documents in.

In PaperLess you control the scanning device so scan in batches for easy processing and then divide pages into separate documents, or even merge them. Once in PaperLess there are many ways to easily manage documents.

Once a document is scanned in then you start to save time. Processing, finding, sharing and collaborating all take much less time in PaperLess, and the member of staff dealing with the source documents will cost less than the members of staff to whom the documents are passed for processing. This member of staff will be used more effectively as currently they open envelopes, throw them in the recycling bin and then pass the document to another member of the team; now they can assist the whole practice by scanning and archiving the document and potentially even starting the first process such as activating a work flow or even entering basic header details such as supplier identification.

So does scanning take longer ?

In our view scanning is a way to save time by being able to find documents and process them efficiently. It is the first step in a highly efficient process.

Next Q2: "How can automatic invoice recognition work for my clients invoices ?"

We invite you to join us in a Webinar for Accountants "Accounting the PaperLess way".


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