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How video software Loom is changing client education

25th Jul 2018
Head of Accounting & Sales Development Practice Ignition
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Trent McLaren unearths a new video recording software that firms are using to revolutionise their client communication.

Do you ever get inundated by the number of client requests asking for help or how they can do something on their accounting software (or any software for that matter)?

The different learning styles

The breakdown of learning styles varies, but according to education researchers Barbe and Milone back in the 80s, a typical school classroom contains 30% visual learners, 25% auditory learners and 15% kinesthetic learners, with the remaining 30% consisting of students with mixed learning styles.

Visual learners meaning they need to see how to do something. Auditory meaning they are happy for you to talk them through how to do something. Kinesthetic meaning they would rather try and do the activity and have you talk them through it, they need to engage and work through their learning curve by trying to do it with your help.

This means that 75% or less of your clients would prefer to visually see how to do something or have an engaged learning experience by which you sit down with them or show them how to do an activity. The majority want the hands-on approach.

How Loom can serve your client education needs

How do you scale these education requests in your accounting firm? Unless you've got a full-time training team, a training room and a large amount of patience, chances are your clients are training and education needs are not being met.

Now because new technology arrives on our doorstep every day, let me tell you about a free product (well it's free today, but who knows for how long this will last) called Loom.

Loom (not Zoom) is a cloud-based video recording tool you can download direct into your web browser and a desktop version has just launched in Beta.

In their words, and why it's completely relevant to our conversation: "Send a video, not a thousand words."

How does Loom work?

The solution allows you to at a click of a button, record your screen, your audio and can even put a video camera view of you in the corner, whilst you explain what you're showcasing on the screen. (My colleague Reid Schretlen recorded a quick tutorial on the three best practice tips using Loom.

This requires a bit of brain training. Next time a client or a team member sends you an email asking “How do you…?” or “Where can I find…?” you don’t have to respond with a lengthy how-to email.

You can click a button record and show on your screen exactly what you want them to see, recording all of your audio and then send it directly to the client. It’ll be lucky if it takes you three minutes and you’ve dramatically increased the chances of understanding from the person on the other end of the line.

What video software technology could bring to your firm

Think about how this could impact your internal library of manuals and processes.

Imagine if you could embed videos with audio directly into these digital manuals. No longer needing to capture screenshots and with commentary

Australian accounting thought leader Andrew Van De Beek even goes as far as to record a Loom video for every proposal he sends to a client. He embeds the video within his digital proposal and sends it to his client.

This allows him to create a personalised video for every single new prospect, which as you can imagine, blow’s his clients mind.

He quotes a 90% conversion rate of all prospects who receive a Loom video. Van De Beek explained: “It helps our prospects understand what we really mean - we also use it for feedback as well, which has been a great solution.” Lastly, he stated, “It takes way less time to record a zoom compared to writing an essay to them.”

Here’s a short loom Andrew and his team at Illumin8 partners created to showcase how they use loom.

Loom was so interested in how Andrew’s team were using their platform they asked for a special one-to-one demonstration on how and why they love using the product.

So whilst we started this piece looking at how to use video recording tools like Loom to help educate either your clients or your team members, think about other ways you can expand your client experience and allow them to engage with both your company and personal brand.

Other uses for video in your firm

Whilst it may not be Loom, it could be Zoom, Camtasia or anything else that allows you to achieve the end result. I noticed a large number of innovative accountants leaning towards Loom as there go to for instant video recordings.

Our clients’ needs are changing every day and the technology and tools we use are evolving. While we love to focus on accounting practice management and how that helps us deliver awesome experiences, it’s just as important to understand how technology is changing in other areas of your business as well.

If you focus on all of your client and team member interactions, you’ll find great tools that can help make you look awesome, and get the same job done more efficiently in half the time.

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By johnt27
25th Jul 2018 11:42

Love Loom. Have been using for about 6 months now and it makes producing explainer videos for clients and staff really simple.

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By freelancingskill
05th Nov 2018 13:38

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