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Train your team to be Linkedin ninjas

29th Mar 2017
Head of Accounting & Sales Development Practice Ignition
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Social media and how firms use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn is a team sport. For maximum impact practices a need maximum share of voice, says Trent McLaren.

Ninjas are quick, fast and efficiency warriors. The martial artists are often hidden in the shadows, watching the environment around them, and importantly, acting as one swift unit.

Unless your budding junior accountant is Beyoncé's second cousin with thousands of followers and connections to the world’s biggest stars, you're going to need to act swiftly like a ninja to achieve great and profitable things for your firm.

Today's lesson is focused on ways to engage team members and set them up for success on LinkedIn.

The goal is to enhance your company brand and profile, engage both new and existing customers and help your team engage and build into the future of your firm. 

The six steps to be a black belt in LinkedIn

Be consistent with Team profiles. I would hire a copywriter or find who the wordsmith is in the team. Think of all the engaging words your team can use to describe themselves and their position.

Ensure similar position names are used: for example, senior accountant /rockstar accountant /head of client engagement (if it's in your branding). But remember to have fun with it. You want to stand out, so ensure all similar roles and employees are consistent and the same. That means no lone or rogue rangers. 

Professional photography is a must. But don’t take selfies at the pub. Hire a professional photography if you can. If not, a good tip for those using in-house photography is to place each team member against plain wall and use a smart phone camera. Get a chest to head shot and apply the black and white filter. And don’t forget to smile.

Help your team share content. You need to delegate this job. If you don’t have a marketer, find someone who is naturally good at social media. Ask them to find five - 10 articles, blogs, customer social media posts or company posts to either like, share, comment or retweet.

Be specific what you want them to do. Make it easy for them. Or you can even ask your team to be on the lookout for good articles and content to share. I'm sure you'll find a stack at accountingWEB just like this one. This is a weekly task for your team to complete. This needs to be checked and measured. Don't assume that it’s happening. Ensure its happening.

Encourage your team to write blogs, but check it over with yourself and marketing team. Pick topics they are passionate about and can share expertise on. 500-800 words is fine. These can be reused on your company website’s blog as well. If everyone in your team wrote a blog every two months, you'd have lots of content. This means you'll also have to write a blog. Include these blogs in your weekly social share out. Get everyone to like, share and comment. Give your team ideas on what they could write about.

Run social media training sessions and review the posts that go out. Run through the results. Discuss what your brand image is and supposed to be and what you're trying to achieve. Let everyone share their ideas and teach one another. Endorse each other for skills and give each other recommendations on their profiles.

Have your team add your clients on LinkedIn where possible, set a target to connect and meet with x amount of new people per month. Set prizes and rewards to help drive behaviour. Set team targets and parties to help celebrate. Work this into your weekly team meeting and let it be a constant discussion. Allow social media to be a big part of what you do! Take photos! Selfies and have fun! Show the world the culture of the firm.

If you follow these six steps you'll be on your way to having a well trained group of LinkedIn ninjas. Executing and delivering on your team's social media strategy, in order to actually achieve this you will actually need to have a strategy and you will need to measure it. As I like to continuously drum in:  what gets tracked gets measured. 


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