2018 was big but 2019 will be even bigger!

Brought to you by Countingup


As I was putting together some content for the launch of our brand new invoicing functionality in January (more on that very shortly!) it struck me just how much progress we've made during 2018.

When I joined Countingup back in early March we hadn't yet launched the product. Since then the progress has been incredible. April saw the official launch of business current accounts for limited companies and sole traders. In August we launched our expense management functionality and held our seed investment round, which raised £2.3m.

Becoming a financial platform for small businesses

The most important progress that we have made is that we now have nearly 10,000 small business customers that we're helping run their business in a simpler and more enjoyable way. This is backed up by the fact that we've processed £100m of transactions for these businesses.  

As part of our vision to become the financial platform for 1m businesses we've also launched partnerships with our friends at Iwoca, Capital on Tap and SumUp to offer our customers access to business finance and the ability to accept payments.

Working with accountants

Since launching our Accountant Programme at the beginning of the year 400 firms have signed up. As we see accountants as key partners in our mission we also launched our Accountants Directory to connect our customers with our accountant partners. If you're interested in finding out more about our Accountant Programme please do get in touch.

2019 and beyond

As I mentioned above we'll be launching invoicing functionality in January. That will be followed soon afterwards by MTD for VAT and an accountant dashboard. There are also lots of other features we'll be rolling out during 2019 so watch this space.

We've also recently launched our Accountants Guide, which tells you more about our Accountant Programme.  You can download that here.

Best wishes

Andrew Garvey

Chief Commercial Officer - Countingup