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2020: It's wasn't all bad

5th Jan 2021
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Let's kick this off with a happy new year to you all and a big thank you to everyone who took part in the Senta Christmas prize draw.


We dare say it... 2020. What a year! We can all agree that it was a year of good and bad for everyone. And if you are reading this, well done for making it through.

In December, we asked you what the highlight of the year was and the responses we received are just too good to not share!

From new businesses to new family members, discovering ways to improve your business, managing to stay open during the pandemic and keeping your business alive still, to finally realising how important self care is and falling in love with hobbies old and new.

We all shared something in common - the screen time on our devices doubled, low battery notifications from all the video calls to our friends and family but most importantly, most people all had something positive to say about 2020. 

A common theme which ran through the majority of the answers was not to take the small things for granted again, appreciate our surroundings and the little things we do day-to-day.

And for some of us, it was the perfect opportunity to change - good changes, not bad, and that needed to happen immediately. 

We realised what was important to us when we are completely stripped back from everyday life. 


Here are some of the responses we had:

“Bored with my busy life and the stress and noise of 600 homes being built opposite my home office window and then COVID, I saw an immediate opportunity to change my life. 

In the midst of the stamp duty holiday, prospective home buyers wandered my street viewing their potential new environment before making offers on their new homes. ‘Come on in’ I said (socially distanced of course) literally bringing them off the streets. What’s your budget? A sale was agreed within days. 

I quit my very stressful full-time job and moved to my most favourite place in the world, the North Norfolk coast. I now see open skies and vast beaches and have never done a day’s work since becoming a bookkeeper! 

Dare to dream, make it happen, live it, no matter what.

Thank you, COVID. For helping me realise life is for living right now and Senta for giving me more time to live it exactly how I want.”

Another entry we had said “Honestly, I feel like I have learnt to live again too. Lockdown has taught me not to take the little things for granted. Oh, how I missed those long walks through the woods or along a beach or anywhere outdoors for that matter - I will never take it for granted again!

I realised what was important to me, what was worth the effort, and that I am allowed to have boundaries, values to stick to and not accept anything that deviates from them.”

And for some of us, it was just the simple things most of us take for granted every day such as “Having me, my husband and son all eat at the same time every night!” or “spending more time with the family”.


Here’s to 2021, a new year where we can continue our achievements or start something new!

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