3 Accounting Packages Every Accountant Should Know

10th Nov 2020
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Tracking cash flow, sending invoices, and creating financial reports can be all-too time consuming. On average accountants spend 10 hours every week just tracking and monitoring statements received. Every business, whether small or large, could benefit from making use of more efficient accounting software to manage all financial transactions. And no more so than now, when the workload has just taken kicked up another gear, once again, with the latest government measures.  

Luckily, there are accounting packages available today that are suitable for every business need. You can utilise fully-packed features on the cloud and across multiple platforms. For large-scale companies – accounting software can better streamline operations to boost an accountant’s productivity. While small business owners can equip themselves with accounting packages that are easy to navigate and are cost-effective.

Unlike accounting principles in the past, where experience is required to know how to properly compute for tax, consolidate invoices and expenses, and create reports – accounting packages are there to simplify your life. Ordo has integrated with three accounting packages that can better enhance payment processes while saving on payment cost and time, making your accounts management seamless with your payments.

Let’s take a look at three of the UK’s leading accounting packages that every accountant and small business owner should know about.


Xero is a reliable and accurate accounting package that allows you to automate everyday business tasks. Now integrated with Ordo, you can seamlessly request payments while saving up to 90% on payment cost and even more on the reconciliation time saving. Regardless of what industry you are in, the software offers smart functions for all business types.

Remove the hassle by conducting real-time payment updates, automatically compute for payroll tax management and categorise your latest bank transactions to get the big picture.

Over the last few years, accounting software has continuously sought new ways to improve and streamline processes for users. Today, from hard cash being paid in and out to the accounts that need to show it, you can effortlessly track cash flow and expenses all in one application.

A notable feature of collaborating with your financial advisor or bookkeeper remotely is possible as data is stored in the cloud. For smaller business owners, the website offers online support to gain insight and an advice on your finances.


As their name suggests, QuickBooks is easily one of the most efficient accounting packages there is. You can instantly get access to clients’ income and expenses and take away the inefficiency of waiting to receive files and spreadsheets. Stay on top of all client payment transactions seamlessly through integration with Ordo, giving your clients control  and certainty over who they’re being asked to pay.

The software’s user navigation is ideal for sending quotes and invoicing while running reports on analytics. Over 65 built-in reports covering VAT expenses, budget monitoring, and expense and loss balances are available. You can create more comprehensive reports for clients while saving time from having to compile multiple documents.

Collaborate through the project tracking and timesheet management feature to evaluate every move. With different levels of user accessibility across specific employees, anyone can sync expenses and monitor payments by project or location, and all easily trackable in Ordo for easy at a glance updates.


The accounting package from Sage offers a wide range of services that help you save time on administration, chasing clients for tax information, and data entry. It’s a bookkeeping solution that offers a real-time view of company financial statements. You can easily deliver forecast and reviews to clients based on their analytics and offer advice.

The accounting software dashboard encompasses invoice creation, forecast of cash flow, and captured data from receipts. It’s suitable for small to medium business types, across multiple industries. A notable advantage with the integration of Ordo is the elimination of any fraud from data entry and additional third party payment processing. Receive and reconcile payments instantly without any delays.

Sage also offers high-value services for processing taxable benefits while staying compliant with updates on tax legislation. For UK based companies, you can quickly create financial reports and file your taxes directly and effortlessly. 


Who says accounting and bookkeeping services have to be time-consuming and have to come with high transaction fees? Accounting packages are a total game-changer for small or large scale businesses. Accountants can accomplish seamless financial transactions, effortlessly compute for payments and cash flow – while saving on valuable cost and time. Make sure to use one of the accounting packages integrated with Ordo to help you take your accounting efficiency into payments and cash, bill and invoice management.  Ordo has integrated with QuickBooks, Sage and Xero. The moment you send your invoice to your client, Ordo notifies them in real time, and within a few taps your client can have paid, directly into your bank account, without them having to put in any payment details or look up references. With an accounts package integrated with Ordo, your accounting and payments can now truly be like hand in glove. Try Ordo for free or learn more