3 simple ways to automate your payroll 

6th Jan 2021
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Traditionally, many accountants would say that offering payroll as a service is not necessarily cost-effective and that it can be a time-consuming and tedious process. From entering employee hours to replicating the payroll data in the accounting package, or even processing payroll for single-director companies – there can be a lot of manual work involved. But this doesn’t need to be the case. 

Today, your payroll and HR processes can be more automated and streamlined than ever before. It’s now feasible for payroll to be profitable for bureaus offering it as a service. Here are three ways that accountants can automate payroll processes, and ultimately, become more efficient: 

1. Payroll Journal Integration with Accounting Packages 

BrightPay includes payroll journal integration with a number of accounting packages, including Sage One, Quickbooks Online, Xero, FreeAgent, Kashflow, Twinfield and AccountsIQ. This means that you can send the payroll journal directly from BrightPay to the accounts software, saving time as you don’t need to export the journal file and manually upload it into the accounting package. 

2. Batch process payroll tasks 

With BrightPay, there is the ability to batch process the payroll for multiple clients at the same time. You can finalise payslips, check for coding notices and send outstanding RTI and CIS submissions for multiple employers at the same time. Again, this allows payroll bureaus to save time on manual, repetitive tasks, especially if you have a number of payrolls that don’t change from week to week or where a large number of single-director companies are on the payroll software.  

3. Client payroll entry synchronisation 

With BrightPay’s cloud add-on BrightPay Connect, there’s a ‘client payroll entry’ feature, where the client can enter the payroll information for their employees and any additions and deductions through their online client dashboard. Once the payroll bureau has reviewed the information that has been entered by the client, the payroll data can be synchronised and pre-populated in BrightPay. This eliminates the need to re-enter the payroll information into the software and the potential errors associated with manual data entry.  

Save time, improve efficiency, increase profits 

These are just three examples of how BrightPay can help payroll bureaus to streamline and automate payroll tasks. As a result, bureaus can save time on manual, administrative tasks and improve the efficiency of their practice.  

By automating time-consuming tasks, payroll bureaus can use their time more effectively, allowing them to extend their reach to a wider network of clients. There is more time to be able to cater for an increased number of clients, and you will also be able to cater for more complex payroll clients, as the responsibility for entering the payments for irregular employees can be placed on the client themselves. 

Book a demo today to discover more ways that BrightPay can help you to save time, improve efficiency and increase profits.