3 surprising ways cloud tech improves the annual leave process

27th Feb 2020
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Being an early adopter can come with distinct disadvantages. Businesses can ill afford to be guinea pigs when using ineffective cloud technology. However, early adopters are a real positive for developers, as their feedback helps to shape the product and make it an optimal tool for users.

Take the business of payroll administration. The deluge of annual leave requests that come into this department during popular holiday periods can be a real problem for both HR and payroll. Once upon a time, accessing payroll information via the cloud was relatively one dimensional. But cloud technology has evolved, in no small way thanks to user feedback and experience.

BrightPay Connect is not just a payroll tool but an annual leave tool too. The cloud functionality improves the annual leave process in a number of ways: 

1. Reduces the admin burden of annual leave requests 

At peak holiday times, HR staff can get snowed under with requests for leave and queries about leave days remaining. There is the inevitable panic to use up leave before the annual leave year expires. Meanwhile, payroll departments face the potential nightmare of constantly having to update payroll files to cater for last-minute leave requests.

Through BrightPay Connect, employers can invite employees to access an online self-service portal, allowing them to view how many days off they have left to take. Additionally, employees can request leave on the go, without any emails back and forth with HR.

Employees can download their free BrightPay Connect employee smartphone app on any Android or iOS device where they can request leave. Leave requests are then automatically sent to the employer or HR Manager. Once the holiday request is approved by the client, the leave is automatically synced back to the payroll software on your desktop, making for a more accurate, less admin-heavy scenario.

2. Using the company calendar to better manage staff resources

In times past, the job of managing employee leave around peak leave periods was made easier by employees requesting their leave well in advance. Nowadays that is not a given, with employees often impromptu about requesting leave. The most obvious issue that HR wants to avoid is too many staff being off at the same time.

With BrightPay Connect clients can view a company-wide employee calendar showing all requested and approved leave at any one time. This up-to-date information can guide HR in managing workflows and their workforce over busy periods, approving or denying leave where appropriate.

3. Leave request notifications mean better visibility

If there’s suddenly a lot of employees in a hurry to use up their annual leave before year-end, or realising they need time off for Christmas shopping, HR should be as prepared as possible. With BrightPay Connect’s employee self-service, every leave request produces a notification on the client portal for better visibility and a better managed process.

The visibility of leave entitlement and the ability to request leave 24/7 has huge benefits for bureaus, employers and employees. As BrightPay Connect automates the leave request process, the email traffic between employees and HR is greatly reduced. Employees are empowered to organise and plan their leave allowance, with all the details of their holiday entitlement available 24/7.

Book a demo and find out how BrightPay Connect can streamline and improve your annual leave process.