3 Tips for a painless self assessment season

26th Nov 2019
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It’s that time of the year again. With the self assessment season looming over us, it is time to prepare for it now and be as diligent as possible.

After all, no one likes to spend Christmas at the office and get to the 31st of January completely exhausted and seriously thinking about finding a remote island in the Pacific and leave everything behind forever (although we have to admit that idea doesn’t sound bad at all!).

Low stress self assesment

Though we can’t guarantee your tax return season this year will be a bed of roses, we are confident the following three tips will help you make the next few months a bit easier for you:

1. Be realistic about the amount of work you can take

Avoid unnecessary stress by tracking your time so you know precisely how much work you can take on board. 

Your personal assistant Uku keeps track of the time all the members of your team spend on various tasks, which means you have total visibility on the amount of work your firm will be able to take during future tax seasons. 

Uku report

Thoroughly planning what you need to do and the time you need to do it will also leave less room for unexpected surprises and it will help you improve your processes year after year. 

2. Consider hiring more people

No matter how well-prepared you are, there will always be things that escape your control, and you can only take on so much work. If you think you will likely be swamped by the end of January, consider finding someone who can help you. 

We know that recruiting is not easy. It takes time to find the right person and even more time to train them. Or at least, that’s how it used to be. Uku can now help you bring your new recruits up to speed in no time, making the learning process easier for you and your new employees. 

You can add new employees to your client cards so they can see all the tasks that are expected from them at all times, including client expectations and even notes about how you want them to manage the client relationship.

Client Card task plan

Uku can also run reports with the questions your new employees have about their tasks, so that you can allocate some time every day to go through them, and avoid other members of the team being interrupted throughout the day. 

3. Use tech to organise your tasks

There is no better feeling than when you are able to meet all your deadlines. Use tech to stay on top of deadlines and tasks and see your progress. Recurring task plans and up-to-date notes are the main ingredients of your recipe for success.

Uku organises your internal workflows and your tasks. It gives you a clear overview of everyone’s workload, so you know which areas need more support. 

It also helps you to manage your time, your clients and all their information more efficiently, improving your practice (and your life) overall.

Uku is a smart digital assistant that improves credibility, growth and employees’ happiness in your accounting practice.

Are you ready to start working smarter? Start your free 30-day trial.

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