3 tips to assess your payroll software security

19th Aug 2021
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Freedom Day has passed and the end of CJRS is nigh.  Time to rejoice as we all flood back into our offices and reflect on 18 months of disruption.

Congratulations if you made it through the 18 months on desktop software - you weren’t alone, but a lot of people in the accounting industry have used that time to move their payroll software to the cloud; for them, COVID was the final nail in their desktop software coffin.

But how many of those that switched, and how many who will switch in the next 12 months, even thought to ask about the security of their new system?

Most larger practices ask software providers a couple of cursory questions about GDPR and where their data is hosted; most smaller practices don’t even ask that.

But given that payroll data is probably the most sensitive personal data that is held and handled by most accountancy practices, isn’t it strange that very few ask security questions of their software partners?

How secure is your payroll software?

Nobody expects every practice to undertake a full security audit of their new payroll software, but 3 questions should suffice:

  • Where do you host your data?
  • Do you undertake annual independent penetration testing (and if so are you happy to share a document confirming that it was done and there were no major issues)?
  • Is the company ISO27001 certified? 

You don’t need to be an expert to ask those questions and you don’t need to be an expert to understand the responses.

Fundamentally, a payroll software has to be fit for purpose, but in addition to that, if you have positive answers to those questions then you have a reasonable audit trail around your risks.

Optimise software security with KeyPay

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