3 ways automation helps you gain competitive edge

11th Nov 2020
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We experience automation on a daily basis: washing machines, dishwashers, shopping centre doors. It makes our lives easier. In a professional setting, we can eliminate those tasks that don't take so much brain power but take hours to complete.

Through automating the usually time-consuming compliance pieces of payroll, accountants can scale payroll services with minimal effort, enabling it to become a profitable part of any accounting business. However, despite the clear benefits, in a high risk setting like payroll, the thought of changing a process can be daunting. After all, stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy. 

Thankfully, there are great rewards that come with those who find the courage to be up for an adventure: 

You’re recognised as an industry leader instead of a trend follower

You’re not looking to other firms and applying their methods to your clients. You’re confidently forging your own path framed by your clients’ needs and seeking out the best technologically advanced tools that help you deliver great service to your clients. This level of personalised service instantly puts you ahead of the competition. 

You build longevity for you and your clients

2020 so far has introduced a lot of changes that require adjusting the way we work and the way payroll is processed. In this uncertain environment, it is important to set your business up to be adaptable and thrive in any environment. By having a forward thinking mentality, your business becomes proactive rather than reactive. This means that should any circumstances change, not only will your business remain unshaken, but your clients will be prepared as well. 

You grow in your knowledge

Having your finger on the pulse on the latest developments in the industry will further refine your knowledge and assist you in identifying which type of technology and partnerships will have the most beneficial effects on you and your clients. This acumen acquired is irreplaceable and will help in ensuring you continue to stay relevant in the industry. 

Where can we begin?

For accountants looking to make changes to their existing processes, the simpler, director clients are a great place to start. Firms can quite easily test new payroll technology on director-only clients because onboarding time is much quicker than it would be for a larger business client. Accountants can easily adjust to new software using director clients 

By seeking technology that completely eliminates the manual frustration of payroll, compliance can do the work for itself and scale in the background, while more time can be spent providing value for clients and improving relationships.

Start exploring with Director Pays

Director Pays powered by KeyPay is a cloud-based payroll system for accountants and payroll bureaux that is designed specifically to remove the manual efforts involved with director payroll processing. With a one-off set up, accounting firms can automate pay schedules, HMRC submissions including FPS and EPS, client reporting, and journal entries to accounting platforms. Our built-in engine also automatically calculates tax and National Insurance contributions.

As a cloud solution, Director Pays can be accessed anytime, anywhere, with no data backup issues if you’re not in the office. Save time and improve efficiencies. 

Try Director Pays free, or download our white paper: How accountants can use technology to make payroll profitable.