3 Ways to Double Profits and Increase Efficiency For Your Accounting Firm

Brought to you by Runagood ®

One of the bigger challenges an accounting practice now faces is the ever growing need to double profits, without losing any sort of efficiency...and bring in winning clients. How can a practice balance these needs, while still diversifying enough to keep their firm growing?

There needs to be a sensible balance between client growth and automation, in order to keep a practice growing. Automation and cloud software saves you hours every day. You can use those extra hours in a flexible way and organise your time in the way that is more convenient for you. It enables you to find the right clients for your business, and weed out the wrong clients right from the start. It takes out the guesswork, and the result is 90% consulting time compression.

The strongest way to reduce inefficiency in your practice is to weed out the wrong clients, right from the start. By using the Runagood® Dashboard with your new and existing clients, it completely revamps the process and enables you to give succinct business advice, without losing time and money. Runagood® is able to compress consulting time by 90% and gives your practice an edge in client retention.

2) Efficiency without sacrificing quality of client time

Your time is valuable, but so is your clients. How can you be sure you are providing them with exactly the level of service they need and dedicating the right time to helping them with their pressing business needs. And in fact, taking a step back, can you be sure that you are the ones your client is turning to when they need business advice? If you are not sure about that answer, it might be time to reevaluate your existing practice, and diversify in a manner that helps you gain efficiency while boosting your client retention rate. Runagood® balances both of these needs and empowers you to become a business advisory practice that keeps clients coming back for more.

3) Advice that can help clients, build your practice, and you don’t lose valuable time 

A challenge in balancing profits and efficiency is giving the right advice without losing valuable time. Building your practice sustainability while diversifying requires that you have the right tools in place that help you provide winning advice to your clients, consistently. Runagood® is designed with just that in mind, and its AI capabilities combined with its proprietary methods allows accountants to give their clients the best business advice possible, without losing valuable time.