3 Ways to Rebuild your Payroll Client Base

16th Jul 2021
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For many businesses, getting your finances back to pre-pandemic levels will be a process that will take time. While the accounting industry wasn’t the worst hit, research conducted at the end of last year found that one in three practices lost clients due to the pandemic. On top of that, changes to off-payroll working rules (IR35) in April 2021 saw some practices lose more of their client base as many of their clients’ statuses changed from self-employed to employed. So, what steps can practices take to replace the clients that have been lost in the past 16 months?

  1. Offer additional services to meet your client’s new needs 

As your practice’s needs have changed since the beginning of the pandemic, so too have the needs of your clients. How you react to these new needs could be the difference between losing clients and gaining new ones. Remote and flexible working has become the norm and as we work from different locations, communication between employers and employees has suffered.  

BrightPay Connect is a cloud add-on to BrightPay payroll software. Through BrightPay Connect, you can offer your clients access to an employer portal which has a number of functions that can help your clients better manage their employees. This includes:

  • Sharing payslips with employees directly to their self-service app which they can view anytime, anywhere. 
  • Keeping employees up to date with policies while working from home by sharing documents with them through the employee app. This could include furlough letters, hybrid working/remote working policies and any other company updates, insuring all employees are kept in the loop, even as they work from different locations. 
  • Receiving annual leave requests from employees and approving or denying the requests. 
  • The ability to approve updates made by employees to the information the employer has on file for them (eg. address, phone number). 

These functions can be performed anytime, anywhere, making the adjustment to remote and flexible working easier for your clients.  

  1. Automate processes 

Streamlining your payroll processing to make it more efficient is a great way to save you time and allow you to take on more clients. Choosing a payroll software that automates payroll tasks can be the difference between spending hours or minutes on a client’s payroll.

Integrations with other software has transformed how we run payroll. BrightPay has integrations with HMRC, accounting packages, pension providers and a payments platform. This means that with just a few simple clicks you can:

  • Send payroll data to HMRC 
  • Send payroll data to your accounting software 
  • Enrol employees into pension scheme  
  • Send pension contribution data to the pension provider 
  • Pay employees 
  • Pay HMRC 

Our batch payroll processing feature also allows you to perform tasks for multiple employers at once such as: 

  • Sending outstanding RTI & CIS submissions 
  • Finalising the current pay period 
  • Checking for coding notices 
  1. Allow for last minutes changes – be flexible 

In uncertain times, we learned how being flexible was the key to survival for many businesses. Payroll was no different and allowing for any last-minute payroll changes was and continues to be important for building client relationships.

BrightPay Connect gives you a central cloud location where you can access all the tools you need for communicating with your clients to get their payroll entered, approved and finalised. From the bureau dashboard within BrightPay Connect, you can batch send payroll entry requests to multiple clients at the touch of a button. Once the request has been sent, your clients will receive a notification on their dashboard. Clients can choose to make any additions or deductions to their employees’ pay, add a new starter for that period or leave any other payroll instructions in the comment box. Sending the payroll entry request to your clients serves as a reminder for them to inform you of any changes to the payroll that they otherwise may have forgotten about.

BrightPay’s integration with payments platform Modulr also allows you to be more flexible with your clients. This integration allows you to pay your client’s employees directly through BrightPay. As Modulr uses the Faster Payments method of transferring money from your clients account to employees’ accounts, it means employees can be paid within 90 seconds. Payments can be made 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, meaning you no longer have to wait three business days for payments to process or need to take weekends or bank holidays into account.

To learn more about BrightPay Payroll and BrightPay Connect’s features and how they can help you grow your client base, why not book a free online demo today.