3 ways to thrive in a new world of homeworking

18th Jun 2020
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The business landscape has been fundamentally shaken up by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does it mean for accountants?

As we get used to the fact things aren’t going back to exactly how they were and adjust to ‘the next normal’, there may be obstacles, but opportunities will also arise.

How can you adapt and succeed?

Join us for a half hour webinar on June 24 as we assess:

How do you move on from the stop gap solutions you used during lockdown to find better, long term answers that overcome the new challenges that now face us all?

We will provide you with ideas to solve these questions, as we cover how to:

  • Give staff access to data and system for effective long-term homeworking
  • Ensure your client data is safe from hackers and ransomware
  • Easily control workflow and identify staff who need more support

Join us on Wednesday 24 June at 2pm to discover more.

Are you ready to adapt and succeed in the next normal? Take our quiz here.

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