334 billion sausage rolls - the tasty reason to celebrate payroll

6th Sep 2019
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Haven't you heard? It's National Payroll Week

Can you imagine what 334 billion sausage rolls all lined up together would look like? Quite a feast. One that could keep even the most avid pastry-covered meat fanatic chomping for a rather long while.

Staggering and surreal image that may be, this is how many of the delicious snacks (from one particular popular eatery) you could buy with the amount of income tax and national insurance forecast to be collected through payroll this financial year. That’s £301bn. Or about 30 billion sweet hampers - something we’ll come back to later!

No surprise then that the good people at the CIPP are celebrating the industry right now through holding National Payroll Week, highlighting the enormity of the contribution payroll professionals are making to the economy and the prosperity of the country.

And no doubt, along with the party hats and streamers, payroll professionals may be enjoying a slice of cake, and perhaps even a sausage roll. Not least because it is a major anniversary for the event – 21 years. Indeed, since 1998 it has become the biggest week in the payroll calendar.

To further emphasise payroll’s importance, and to explain why a whole week has been dedicated to telling the world about it, let’s look at some facts. There are 32.71 million people employed within the UK (ONS, 2019), 5.7 million private SMEs and 8,000 large organisations (Parliament, 2018). It’s safe to say that payroll is the beating heart of the UK economy. After all, without employees, there’s no business.

The original purpose of the celebration was to raise the profile and awareness of payroll throughout the UK, by demonstrating the impact that this core business function has on the nation’s economy. From 2 to 6 September each year, an entire 7 days are dedicated to rejoicing about those who help to keep the UK paid, every month, no matter what.

CIPP Payroll Week encompasses all elements, whether you run a payroll bureau for 250 clients, keep a UK SME running smoothly all by yourself, or like ourselves at IRIS, provide the business critical software that enables UK organisations to successfully submit their RTI reports and deliver payslips with confidence.

Here at IRIS, payroll is at the core of our organisation in more ways than one. With over 40 years of experience with running payroll and creating intuitive solutions for our clients, we understand the trials, tribulations and successes that come with running payroll, whether you’re a nationwide construction company or a primary school in South Devon – we get it.

We help over 33,500 UK organisations to ensure their teams and clients receive a payslip each month, and 2.3 million UK employees are paid using an IRIS Payroll solution.

As this week is all about you, what can you do to celebrate?

The CIPP has free online packs full of posters, stickers and even desktop wallpapers to help you spread the word! You could run a competition throughout your office, get involved using the #NPW19 hashtag on social media, or even write your own blog on what payroll means to your business.

At IRIS, we’re running our National Payroll Week competition, where you can win a giant sweet hamper for your whole office (or just you, if you don’t fancy sharing). The best part is, you don’t need to be an IRIS customer to win, it’s open to anyone and everyone that works in payroll.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on the link above and enter for a chance to win!