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4 reasons our support is unusually good

21st Nov 2022
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Technically, our practice management software is a Software as a Service (SaaS), but we prefer Service as a Software. We exist to serve you, first and foremost, making your life easier with a combination of clever software and, crucially, excellent support.  

Thinking about ‘help and support’ may not give you the best feeling. It usually means: 1. You have a problem that’s stopping you in your tracks. 2. You’re likely to waste time finding the solution. 3. The whole process might not be very pleasant.   

At AM we’ve always been committed to turning this experience on its head, from reactive to proactive, from frustrating to painless. And here’s four ways we do it. 


We know you and your practice are unique

The quicker you embed practice management software across your business, the quicker you’ll start seeing its (considerable) benefits. The more you use it, the more time you save and value you gain.  

As such, our support begins when you start your 30-day free trial. Your account manager will spend time understanding how your practice works and help you plan which parts of AM to focus on. They’ll give you a call during your trial and give you a personal demonstration. 


I don’t feel like a statistic. I feel heard by AM – both in what I want out of the system or issues always being resolved.” – Caroline Hocking, Mona Accountancy Services 

 Each week we’ll send you 5-minute actions to complete each day – exploring a feature or watching a video. This gives you a good idea of everything AccountancyManager does, whether you need it yet or not.  

We know people learn in different ways 

Whether you’re new to AM or exploring a new feature, you’ll find all the training you need within the ‘Need help?’ tab. 

There are over 200 how-to guides to explore, including: 

  • Step-by-step videos 

  • Webinars that look at multi-feature processes (like onboarding)  

  • Interactive click-throughs that highlight which button to press as you go 

“I learn best by doing,” says Vicki Boddice at Boddice Accounting. “So I jumped on the self-study side of things. I could watch the videos, read the information, then go away and see how it works in practice.  

“If there's anything you're not sure about, there's training there to cover it. And if I did get stuck, there was always somebody there that could help. Having that level of support is really important.” 

From creating tasks to managing tasks, logging their time to doing anti money-laundering checks to onboarding – it was all step by step.” – Anita Cocks 

 Over at Tax and Financial, Anita Cocks used our guides to make a one-page training manual for her staff. “I went through your videos, then created a template with links saying, 'okay, watch this video, then go to this one, then this one,” she says. “So they could easily learn about AccountancyManager and how it integrates with our work.” 

Finally, we also use this in-system support to keep everyone up to date with new features, as Angela Ashton at Accounting and Bookkeeping Consultancy Ltd explains.  

“The help tab at the top of the screen tells you what all the new features are so you don't miss them – all the training and webinars on there too. And when you go to a new feature it asks, ‘Do you want to have a walk around?’ Brilliant.”  

Fast replies, no queues and 96% all-time customer satisfaction 

While we’ll never treat you like a statistic, we do rather like gathering data – to make constant improvements and to put in headlines. 

Our 96% customer satisfaction score comes from the rating we ask every user to give our support team following each closed ticket. (A ticket is opened for every problem or question our support team receives).  

Behind this figure lie more impressive stats. So impressive, we’ll use a bigger font.  

90% of emails answered within an hour and a half (Q4 2022) 

66 seconds average wait time to speak to us (Q4 2022) 

We’ll let these users tell you what these statistics feel like.  

“With other software providers, they say they'll answer your call within two minutes. What they actually mean is they'll answer within two minutes and then put you on hold for 20. With AccountancyManager, you speak to a real life person, quickly.” – Claire Rulton, Addison Accounts

It makes a big difference knowing that if I've got a problem it’ll be resolved within five minutes. That's a weight off my mind.” – Claire Rulton 

 “You guys just get back to us straightaway. You turn it around so fast. And we always get a follow up email saying ’Is it sorted? Can I help with anything else?’ That’s great” – Dominique Neil, EP Tax

The support team is lovely, they're amazing. So helpful.” – Pippa Halfnight, Creative and Numbers

“Some softwares, you can put in a help request and 48 hours later, you get a, "Hi, how can we help?" And you're like, ‘well no, I've fixed it now. But it took me all day.’ Whereas, with AM, you ask for help and you get it. It has been great. That’s a big winner.” – Vicki Boddice 

We’re not only here for when you get stuck

Our support team isn’t just there to solve problems or fix mistakes – although they’re very good at it. Many users call or email with questions like: ‘Is this possible?’ ‘Is there a quicker way to do this?’ and ‘This thing sounds interesting – what does it do?’  

Although you know you're being a pain in the neck because you're phoning again, it’s never too much trouble.” – Angela Ashton 

“Your support line has been amazing.” Angela reports. “I had no experience of being in practice and that’s where your team has been really invaluable over the last two years. We’ll say "Is there a quicker way to do this?" And they’ll go, "Yeah, there is. This is how you do it."  

“Even if it is just me being a bit of an idiot and not doing something quite right,” agrees Caroline Hocking. “I've never felt like I've been an idiot. It's just more of a 'have you tried this?' If I don't get it, you guys are there to help me figure out a way of doing things.”