4 Ways BrightPay Connect Makes Payroll Entry and Approval Easier

6th Oct 2021
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If you’re a payroll bureau then you certainly don’t need us to tell you how drawn out, time-heavy and often frustrating the process of getting information about the current pay period from clients can be. Your clients are very busy running their businesses and payroll isn’t their top priority. Clients don’t always remember to keep you abreast of all of the little changes that need to be made to this month’s payroll, and the larger the client, the more variations to the monthly payroll you’re likely to encounter. Add all of this up and it can be a recipe for a long and aggravating payroll cycle.  

But, unlike what many payroll professionals think, these challenges don’t have to come with the territory. With BrightPay Connect, you can simplify the data entry and approval processes significantly, speeding it up, minimising back and forth communications with your clients, and reducing the risk of errors in the final payroll too. Here’s how.  

How BrightPay Connect Makes Payroll Entry and Approval Easier 

The BrightPay Connect design team has created a seamless “payroll entry and approval process” (ie. a system to help bureaus get the payroll data that they need from clients) that cuts out any need for email or chasing up information from your clients. It does this by facilitating communication and data sharing between you and your clients via synchronised dashboards, in real time. Here’s why this system is the only one you should be using from now on.  

  1. It’s Faster  

How much time is spent on sending emails back and forth to clients requesting information, then requesting more detailed information, checking that your information is correct, searching your inbox for lost emails containing important amendments, and finally asking for approval for the payroll? We bet that every bureau’s answer to this question is the same - too much time.  

BrightPay Connect’s system cuts out all of the noise and makes communication simple. Rather than all of the endless back and forth, you simply send your client a request from your bureau dashboard and it will appear on their employer dashboard instantly. From there, the user-friendly process allows clients to make changes to employee pay, upload employee hours, add new employees, notify you of who has left the company, make notes on any figures or other data, and send it straight back to you, instantly, all through their secure online employer portal. And the best bit? Payroll bureaus simply need to click a button to add the new employee to the payroll or to populate all of the payroll information entered by the client into the payroll software. Say goodbye to unnecessary emails and hello to a streamlined process that saves valuable time.  

  1. It Makes Managing Multiple Clients Easier 

The more clients you have, the more challenging it can be to manage them all, especially when it comes to payroll entry and approval. With Connect, you can send requests to all of your clients or to a selection of clients in just one click. Your bureau dashboard keeps track of who you’ve sent requests to and who you’re waiting for a response from, keeping everything organized and much more manageable for busy bureaus who are juggling a large number of clients.  

  1. It Reduces Errors In Payroll  

The last thing any bureau wants is to have errors in their payroll, right? Unfortunately, inaccuracies are inevitable to some degree - in particular, when a client forgets to tell you that an employee was on sick leave, or got a wage increase. Fortunately for bureaus, with Connect you can dramatically reduce the number of inaccuracies and the frequency with which they occur by placing the onus on the client for accuracy of the payroll data. An audit trail keeps track of all interactions between you and the client, and so you have full visibility of everything that was entered by the client. 

  1. It Improves Client Relationships  

Your clients are just as busy as you are and are likely to find the payroll entry and approval process frustrating, especially if it takes them away from other important tasks that need their attention every fortnight or month. So, it’s no surprise that with all of these benefits creating a smoother, simpler, speedier payroll process for both you and your clients, they will be just as pleased as you are with the changes. By offering this value-added service, they’ll be happier with your work than ever before.