5 key benefits of automation

11th Jun 2020
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Automation has already completely transformed numerous accountancy practices by enabling them to spend less time on manual tasks and more time on growing their businesses. Collating, organising and processing large amounts of data in an efficient way will offer your practices the opportunity to focus on delivering more value to your clients.

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Business is shifting to a near-live environment, so financial processes need to match the speed at which decisions are made. For accountancy and bookkeeping practices, this opens up opportunities to change how you work with your clients.

Producing accurate and meaningful management accounts quickly, managing VAT and payroll efficiently, and completing year-end returns and tax information helps improve the visibility of business performance and cash outflows, and provides data that can lead to better decision making.

Benefits of Automation

The combination of well-structured data, which is of high quality, generates the ability for your firm to do more. Listed below are five benefits of automation that Accountants and Bookkeepers typically confirm:

  1. Better client experience

Automation, from a client’s perspective, is about their accountant providing them with the best tools and means of getting the job done. The easier it is for you to supply them with the information they need and take more of the hassle away from them and their teams, the better they will view your services.

  1. Great impact on staff

Replacing manual data entry with automated processes opens up the opportunity to use the time saved to train and cross-skill your staff. This might include networking with prospective clients and other accountancy firms to generate leads. Better client service, delivered by more engaged and higher performing staff will help with client retention, but also underlines the potential of working within a progressive firm to future employees.

  1. Reduce cost and time spent on manual data

Automation is proven to drive down the time taken on manual tasks, and in turn the whole cycle of work. Reducing processes that might have taken two weeks to two days, and from two days to two hours is a significant resource saving, but also speeds up the ability to then process that data (management accounts, VAT reporting, year-end processes and payroll).

  1. Take on more

Grow your practice with the peace of mind that the capture, processing and retention of paperwork is automatically taken care of. With this taken care of, you can expand your role and your practice towards becoming a trusted adviser. You can develop additional client’s offerings to help client businesses grow and to share your knowledge and experience inspired by insights into their accounting.

  1. Protect your data more effectively

The benefits of automation on security are wide-ranging and resonate strongly to accountants’ and bookkeepers’ duty of care to client confidentiality and also obligations under GDPR. Automation provide reassurance around the quality of your procedures, ensuring an additional level of client-side protection against fraud or data breaches.

Start your automation journey with Sage

At Sage, we are committed to helping you and your clients thrive with amazing technology. Discover the solutions that will help you break free from manual processes so you can perform at your best.

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting: Everything you and your clients need to manage small businesses finances, from invoicing and expense management, to compliance and VAT.
  • Sage Business Cloud Payroll: Breeze through a simple 4-step payroll process that’s perfect for businesses with -25 employees
  • Satago: During these uncertain times help your practice and clients to get paid faster with automated credit control, check risks and cover cashflow gaps with invoice financing.
  • Sage Online Bureau: During these uncertain times help your practice and clients to get paid faster with automated credit control, check risks and cover cashflow gaps with invoice financing.
  • Auto Entry: Seamlessly capture and post transactions to your accounts software from anywhere, automate your processes, and save time by automatically fetching bills from suppliers.

Help from Sage

At Sage we’re on a mission to automate all data entry and speed up admin for every accounting and bookkeeping practice in the UK. Working with your dedicated Sage Practice Success Manager you can unlock the benefits of automation to your practice and the way you work, with a tailored success plan for your firm. And our Practice Enablement team are with you every step of the way to get you up and running quickly, and helping to make your automation journey a success.

To help you and your clients navigate through the new normal, visit our Accountant and Bookkeeper’s Hub to access a range of free tools to support you as your clients recover from these unprecedented times.