5 payroll practices to save you time every week

30th Sep 2021
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Running a payroll practice can be a complex, time-consuming endeavour for even the most organised bureau or accounting practice. But with the increasing power of software-based payroll systems, there are now a host of tools for cutting down on the admin and saving time for your team.

Whether it’s the software benefits of payroll automation, app integration or online working, we’ve highlighted five key BrightPay features that will save your practice time every week.

1. Integration with your accounting software

Importing your completed wage journals into the client’s accounting software can be a laborious task, and one where poor communication between the payroll and accounting software can add to your workload. With BrightPay, you have direct API integration with a wide selection of the top UK accounting platforms, including AccountsIQ, QuickBooks, Sage, Xero and many more.

Benefits of direct integration include:

  • Syncing payroll journals with the client’s accounts – create wage journals from finalised pay periods and add them into the client’s accounting software with just a few clicks.

  • Removing the need for CSV files – there’s no need to export CSV files from the payroll software and into the accounting system. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

  • Accounts being up to date – as it’s so easy to update the client’s accounting software following the payroll run, their cashflow numbers are up to date more quickly.

2. Batch processing of multiple payrolls

When you’re busy processing multiple payrolls in each run, having the ability to carry out batch operations across several payroll files is a real bonus. With BrightPay, you can greatly improve your efficiency by moving away from a one-payroll-at-a-time approach to admin tasks.

This ability adds huge value, including:

  • One-click batch processes – process or perform a task on multiple employer files with a single click from inside the Batch Operations tab. 

  • Speed up your simple payrolls – where you have a large number of single-director companies or payrolls with minimal changes each week, this is a huge timesaver.

  • Fly through your core payroll tasks – in Batch Operations, you can finalise payslips, check for coding notices and send outstanding RTI & CIS submissions for multiple employers – all with one click of a button.

3. Direct payments with Modulr

Paying the client’s employees once the payroll is approved and finalised is another time intensive process. There are wages to be calculated, bank files to be generated and the whole procedure of ensuring that the money arrives in the employees accounts at the right time. Direct payments with Modulr, our new payment partner, makes payment incredibly straightforward.

With Modulr taking care of payments you will:

  • Save time and maximise efficiency – you remove all the manual payment processes, reducing the need for file exports and uploads; getting staff paid in a jiffy.

  • Eliminate costly payroll errors – reduce the potential for human error and pay the right amount on time, every time, without double and triple-checking the payment file.

  • Make safe and secure payment 24/7 – payments can be scheduled anytime, 24/7, or carried out in real time. Payments are processed within 90 seconds and you have the peace of mind of knowing these payments are made securely and with heavy encryption for both parties. 

4. Automation of auto enrolment elements

Completing the mandatory auto-enrolment duties for clients with a workplace pension is another element that adds to your weekly workload. Keeping your clients compliant and ticking all the correct auto-enrolment boxes is less laborious when you have BrightPay taking care of the employer’s auto-enrolment tasks.

BrightPay removes the hassle with:

  • Tailored auto-enrolment features – BrightPay automates and streamlines many of the key auto-enrolment tasks, making it easy for you to ensure that employers comply with their ongoing workplace pension duties. 

  • No additional costs for auto enrolment functionality – your BrightPay licence includes full auto enrolment functionality at no extra cost, adding this time-saving feature without eating into your software budget.

5. Client payroll entry and approval

Getting clients to carry out their own payroll entry is an excellent way to get them more involved in the payroll process, while also cutting down the data-entry workload for your team. By using our optional add-on, BrightPay Connect, which includes an online client dashboard for employers, you provide full client access to features that will help speed up payroll entry and payroll approval.

With client entry in place you get:

  • A more connected kind of payroll –  send out secure payroll entry requests and payroll approval requests to your clients, and revolutionise the way you communicate with your client base.

  • Joint responsibility for payroll – you and your clients become jointly accountable when checking the payroll for inconsistencies and errors. This spreads the burden and protects you as a payroll provider, making it more of a collaborative process while still allowing you to always have the final approval of the payroll.

Get productive with Brightpay and BrightPay Connect

BrightPay makes the most of direct integrations, automation and time-saving software features, taking the pain out of the key payroll tasks and keeping your practice at the cutting edge.

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