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5 payroll tips for accountants for the new tax year

23rd Mar 2023
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The new tax year is nearly upon us, and it's the perfect time for accountants to reassess their payroll processes and ensure they are up-to-date with the latest legislative changes and technological advancements. The world of business and technology moves – recent months have seen a slew of economic updates, market challenges and changes to the way we work. 

With the use of BrightPay's comprehensive suite of services, accountants can streamline their payroll management and provide exceptional service to their clients. In this article, we outline five essential payroll tips for accountants to help them stay ahead of the curve in the new tax year.

Set Client Check-ins

In today's dynamic business environment, your clients’ needs may change fast. Regular check-ins with clients are essential to ensure that you’re offering the right services and meeting your customers’ needs. These meetings can also reveal opportunities to pitch new services to adapt to the challenges your clients are facing.

For example, one of the biggest changes has been the rise of hybrid teams, with workers spread across multiple locations. As a result, payroll processes must be flexible enough to accommodate employees working from anywhere. 

By moving to a cloud payroll solution such as BrightPay's new cloud-based payroll software, businesses can manage and implement their payroll from anywhere. Features include multi-user accessibility, real-time changes, automatic payslip distribution and automatic cloud backups.

Review Your Payroll Packages

As the new tax year begins, it's an opportune time for accountants to revise their payroll packages and create new service offerings that cater to clients' evolving needs. In an environment where your clients are facing new cost pressures and may be struggling to get the staff and visibility they need to manage their data, payroll advisory services or customised reporting can provide essential  value. When you use cloud payroll extension, BrightPay Connect alongside BrightPay for Windows or Mac, automated reporting allow you to offer detailed insights to clients without additional effort on your part.

Similarly, for businesses struggling with overheads and mounting costs, this may be an opportunity to consider a ‘Basics’ service that can help you retain clients that are looking to minimise spend. 

With BrightPay's automation features, you can set varying levels of automation based on each client's requirements, ensuring efficient service delivery, even at lower rates. 

Move Your Data to the Cloud

If you’ve been waiting for the moment to make your leap to the cloud, now is the time. Migrating your payroll data to the cloud has several advantages, including automatic backup and recovery, enhanced security, and real-time access to information. At Bright, we’re excited to announce the release of the cloud version of our payroll software*, BrightPay, for the 2023/24 tax year. Check out our guide to discover the benefits our new cloud-based payroll software can bring, and how it compares to our desktop-based payroll software.

BrightPay can also help you reduce internal costs by automating data transfer and reducing the possibility of missed or miscommunicated information between systems. BrightPay Payroll Software connects directly to HMRC, leading pension providers including NEST, The People's Pension, Smart Pension and Aviva, 12 of the top accounting packages and a direct payment platform, to help you spend more time where it matters.

Reanalyse Your Payroll Efficiency

With the chance for new clients and new changes in the Budget to consider, now is an excellent opportunity to reanalyse your payroll efficiency and identify areas for improvement. One of the most impactful areas can be implementing solutions that enable your clients to support you in your payroll work.

BrightPay Connect includes an employer dashboard for managing teams at scale where your clients can add new starter information and check details, securely enter their employees’ hours and manage additions and deductions before reviewing and finalising details. By leveraging BrightPay's tools to help your clients help you, you can enhance your payroll efficiency to save time and resources while building stronger relationships.

Error-Proof Your Processes

Payroll errors can have significant consequences, including financial penalties and damaged client relationships. To error-proof your payroll processes, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest legislation and ensure that all calculations are accurate. BrightPay's software includes automatic updates for the latest rules, while also making it easier to error-proof your workflows. 

When emailing payslips, BrightPay automatically protects each document with a password to improve security. In addition BrightPay Connect enables employees to view and download all new and historic payslips through a bespoke portal with industry-standard security protocols. BrightPay for Windows or Mac also integrates with cloud payment platform Modulr, to create a fast, secure and easy way to pay employees, subcontractors, and HMRC, so you never miss a payment.

Setting yourself up for success in 2023

The new year is always a chance to revisit, revise and revitalise the way you work. With the right tools on your side, payroll can be a valuable route to growth, better data and stronger client relationships. 

BrightPay and BrightPay Connect are used by leading firms to build a more efficient, effective and collaborative payroll process for any kind of client, using the latest technology to work together to deliver tangible results when businesses need them most.

To find out how BrightPay can help you transform your firm this year, why not book a free online demo of our software? We also offer 60-day free trials to help you discover the power of cloud payroll for yourself.

* Please note that not all of the current features of BrightPay for Windows or Mac will be available on BrightPay’s new cloud payroll solution upon its initial release on 22nd March. We want to reassure users that these features are in the development pipeline and will be added to the software this calendar year.