5 reasons to switch to an integrated suite today

2nd Jul 2019
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The move to digitalisation is firmly in motion and remaining competitive is key. Moving to a centralised suite of products that drive efficiency and differentiates your practice from the competition will enable you to grow as the market changes.

Wolters Kluwer have noticed a trend of practices with disparate software products moving to an integrated software suite to drive process optimisation and efficiency. Here are five reasons why you should do the same.

Better planning, greater foresight

Real-time visibility of your data is important when improving the experience for your clients, offering them additional advisory services and making decisions. With all your information in a single location, you can use up-to-date information to make more informed decisions. You can find out about potential issues before they become problems.

By having access to mobile technology, it won’t matter if you or your team are on the road or at their desk, they’ll still have full visibility of the live status of their tasks and of all your clients’ information on one dashboard.

Reduce errors

A key win for your practice with integrated software is up-to-date information set in a single location. Time and resources are not wasted re-keying data into different systems. Having access to key information in one central place also means that accountants can make more informed decisions without the risk of giving the wrong consultation.

Using one integrated solution can hugely reduce errors and potential embarrassment when one team member has out-of-date client information.

Improved data flow

Data and client information flows seamlessly throughout your software suite, eliminating any tedious data entry and complicated pushing and pulling between products.

Greater collaboration with your clients

Deliver exceptional client service and build the strongest possible client relations with an integrated suite that manages all client communication in one place. Safe and secure messaging tools within CCH OneClick allows team members to collect data easily allowing you team to concentrate on delivering exceptional customer service.

Unlock time and drive efficiency

Automated software can easily complete time-consuming compliance tasks. Your team can standardise routine processes giving them time to deal with any exceptions and provide higher-value services that clients are willing to pay for. Using one central suite will also enable greater collaboration with your clients.

A key efficiency driver is to find an integrated software suite that keeps your information in a single location and can link with third party products that your clients might use. Therefore, you will be able to support your client’s choice while standardising your processes across the practice and keeping your information in a single location.

Your team will also spend less time learning how to use a variety of different services from different software providers. This time and energy can then be better utilised on personal development and providing an even better service to your clients through higher margin advisory services.

Embracing digitalisation is one step to achieving growth and unlocking time; integrated digitalisation is getting past growing pains and further driving efficiency.

All you need is a step-by-step plan

Overhauling your software and how your practice currently processes information may not seem a priority right now, it can seem daunting and will cause business interruption. But with the benefits in mind, all that’s needed is a step-by-step plan to get there.

Download our "Managing Change – how to build a practice fit for future growth" whitepaper for a step-by-step guide to building an integrated suite. This is a must-read for practices looking to leverage automation and integration to drive growth and efficiency.