630 TaxCalc users shun Taxchecker to go with Keytime

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Taxchecker TaxCalc Deal Not Universally Welcomed As 630 Intuit Customers Make Transition To Keytime

The announcement that ASP, the company behind Taxchecker, has purchased the TaxCalc brand from Intuit has not been universally welcomed by the TaxCalc customer base.

Since the news broke, a total of 630 TaxCalc users have jumped ship and made the transition to Keytime Tax Personal and related products ' and more are still making the transition daily.

According to Anthony Boggiano, Keytime's Commercial Director, there are a number of reasons why TaxCalc users are continuing to migrate to his company's products including '

  • Customers do not like being told they have to move to a new product without any involvement in the decision process
  • Those who wait for ASP to release their new tax package will be presented with a new and unproven product ' with all the potential hiccups this normally involves - Keytime offers the bonus of full Corporation Tax, Final Accounts, Bureau Payroll and P11D modules to its Tax Professional package
  • With many of the TaxCalc customers also being accountants, they feel more at home with Keytime who are specialists in offering accountant software solutions ' ASP does not

    Keytime is also keeping up the pressure by offering a discount of 10% on the eventual price tag of the Taxchecker product offered to TaxCalc users.

    'Our data conversion will ship with our 2005 updates in late March 2005 and this means we will be able to offer the same ease of upgrade between 2004 and 2005 as TaxCalc/Taxchecker,' says Anthony Boggiano.

    'So we still see this as a level playing field ' despite the deal ' and we are happy to let the Intuit customers decide rather than to try and force anything on them.'

    For more information about the transition programme and other tax/payroll and practice applications, visit the Keytime website, or Corporate Partner page on AccountingWEB.