7 steps to a simpler Self-Assessment season with BTCSoftware’s Head of Support

24th Nov 2021
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We’re back with another 7 steps on the journey to a simpler Self-Assessment season, and this week we’ve asked our Head of Support, Joshua Powell, to share the features that our customers find most useful during busy season.

Read on and find out how you can have an easier time of it this January.

7 steps to a simpler Self-Assessment

50 – Stop typing everything!

Why would you make work harder when you don’t need to? Take full advantage of our relationship with HMRC by drawing values directly into BTCSoftware from their records.

Josh explains that the integration, “speeds up the process of data entry as it automatically pulls P60 information into the return, providing HMRC have this information available.”

Manual data entry is responsible for £8.5 billion of avoidable mistakes annually across the tax system, according to the Exchequer, and for practices like yours it also means time lost to keying in data, checking and correcting errors.

51 – Modular power

Link up your set of accounts created in our AP module with the Self-Assessment and Partnership schedules with just a couple of clicks.

Josh rates this link because, “it saves our customers from processing the same data twice. Self-Assessment is already a hectic time of year and that’s why my [support] team make sure to highlight this feature to our SA users.”

You don’t have time to spare in January, so make it as simple as possible for yourself and claw back some precious free moments.

52 – “Squish” your workload

“Consolidated entry,” says Josh, “is one of the tools we offer that our users rave about.”

The consolidated entry option is available on UK property and Capital Gains schedules and represents a huge stress-buster when you’ve got a pile of properties or capital gains to enter.

53 – SEISS-reiously simple support

The Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) continues to add to the workload for accountants, despite closing on 30th September 2021.

Josh highlights that we’ve made it easy to add any grant income to your clients’ returns – it’s all in-line with the rest of the data.

“The SA module is set up to make entry of grant payments smooth and simple. It’s also designed to prevent errors, with a final checkbox to confirm that the user really did mean to enter data into those boxes!”

54 – Get a birds-eye view

We’ve been highly focused on planning during this 77 steps series and Josh has a handy report to add to your tool kit.

“There’s a report in the system called SA Income & Profit Data for Individuals that allows a user to see clients with their total profit and income based on the schedules. It’s a built-in report, really simple to use, that gives our users a lot of information for their planning,” explains Josh.

That birds-eye view gives you a simple way to establish what work lies ahead for each client, and that’s sure to reduce stress!

Step 54 - get a birds eye view

55 – Look back, move forward

“When you print the tax return, you’re a few steps away from finalising a lot of data,” says Josh. “For complex clients, there’s plenty of information, so we always recommend using the Summary & Backing Schedule report to see the breakdown of all schedules and boxes that contain data within the return.”

You’ll be able to look back at the return in summary before moving forward without losing precious time to trawling through every schedule.

56 – Note (almost) everything

How do you keep track of the nitty-gritty for each client?

Josh suggests using internal notes to keep on top of it.

“The internal notes don’t get sent to HMRC so you can use them as you work to remind yourself of client information, time taken, any hiccups you run into… The feature is open-ended and gives our users a flexible tool to ease the mental load.”

Self-Assessment demo

Our customers already use Josh’s favourite features to smooth the path to Self-Assessment season, and you can too.

We’d love to show you around. Head to our Getting Started page to find out more and request your demo.

You can also have a quick chat with a BTCSoftware team member on 0345 241 5030 or email [email protected] to find out how we can support you.